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Основы путешествия по России и советы

National holidays

January 1,2
January 7
February 23
March 8
May 1
May 9
June 12
November 4
December 12
New Year
Orthodox Christmas
Defender of the Fatherland Day
Women's day
Day of spring and labor
Victory Day
Russia Day
Day of Popular Unity
Constitution Day

Note: all government offices and most other official institutions are closed on public holidays. Work days are often shifted. For example, if it falls on a Tuesday or Thursday, then the weekend is shifted a day towards the holiday and the Saturday or the Sunday becomes an official working day.


A     A
Б     B
В     V
Г     G
Д     D
Е     YE
Е     YO
Ж    ZH
З     Z
И     I
Й     I
К     K
Л     L
М     M
Н     N
О     O
   П     P
Р     R
С     S
У     U
Ф     F
Х     KH
Ц     TS
Ч     CH
Ш    SH
Ы     Y
Э     E
Ю    YU
Я     YA
Ь     no sound
Ъ     no sound


Good ByeДо свиданияdasvidanya
Thank youСпасибоspasibo
How are you?Как дела?Kak dela?
I don't understandЯ не понимаюya ne panimayu
How much?Сколько стоит?Skolko stoit?

Расписание развода мостов

From spring to fall in St. Petersburg's numerous drawbridges rise in the middle of the night to allow navigation traffic along the Neva River. This can cause problems for people who are out late - leaving them stranded on the islands that make up St. Petersburg until a bridge is lowered. Watching the St. Petersburg bridges rise is an incredible experience. But if you do not want to be blocked during those long summer nights, please check the Saint Petersburg bridge schedule below.

BridgeRaising 1 / AMRaising 2 / AM
Dvortsovy1:35 - 2:553:15 - 4:50
Troitsky1:50 - 4:50
Leutenanta Schmidta1:40 - 4:55
Liteiny1:50 - 4:40
Alexandra Nevskovo2:20 - 5:05
Bolsheoxtinsky2:00 - 5:00
Birzhevoy2:10 - 4:50
Tuchkov2:10 - 3:053:35 - 4:45
Sampsonievsky2:10 - 2:453:20 - 4:25
Kantamirovsky2:45 - 3:454:20 - 4:50
Grenadersky2:45 - 3:454:20 - 4:50
Volodarsky2:00 - 3:454:15 - 5:45
Finlandsky2:30 - 5:10


The national currency is the ruble (RUB). Banknotes come in denominations of 10, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000. Ruble coins come in 1, 2, 5, 10 RUB. There are 100 kopeks to a ruble and kopek coins come in 1, 5, 10, 50. Most major credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard are accepted in the larger hotels, restaurants, stores and other places that cater to foreign visitors. Currency can be changed at banks, currency exchange booths and hotels. Travelers checks are bit more difficult and expensive to cash, but if necessary it is advisable to convert them to US Dollars or Euro. (Call the business office hotline +7 800 200 94 49.) ATMs are widely available. It is difficult and expensive to obtain rubles outside of Russia and travelers are advised to use US dollars or Euro notes in good, crisp condition for exchange. It is illegal to pay for goods in foreign currency (although it is accepted in some places). Most banks offer Western Union money transfers.


Most travelers departing Russia will go to the GREEN (nothing to declare) channel. You do not need to complete the Customs and Currency Declaration Statement upon arrival or departure (unless you are caring thousands of dollars in cash with you). Any art work, icons, etc. that are over 100 years old may not be taken out of the country. If you are in doubt about antiques you have purchased, ask for an "expert's report", either from the Rosokhrankultura (Russian Cultural Security Department), Ul. Malaya Morskaya, 17, opens Mon-Fri 11:00-17:00 or accredited shop. Traveling to most countries you may legally take 200 cigarettes and 2 liters of hard alcohol with you. The allowance is less in some countries such as Estonia.


The electrical current in Russia is 220volts AC, 50Hz. Most electrical sockets are standard European size with double round-pin plugs. If you're carrying any American or UK appliances, bring a Euro adapter just in case.

Номера телефонов экстренных служб

  • General resque services 112, 911
  • Fire 01
  • Police 02
  • Ambulance 03
  • Rescue Service 01
  • Medical services and medications 003
  • Tourist information center +7 (812) 310-28-22
  • Correct time 060
  • Directory inquiries (in two languages) 050
  • Directory inquiries (commercial) 008
  • Lost property (+7) 812 238 73 25